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4 Creative Ways to Beat Boredom

Being stuck inside for an extended period of time can present some challenges. With the right mindset and our list of boredom busters, the time will not only pass quicker, but you might learn a thing or two!  

An App a Day Keeps Boredom at Bay

If you have a smartphone or tablet, there are countless apps for almost every interest and hobby. A bonus – a majority of the apps are free, or very inexpensive.

Keep your mind busy with a challenging puzzle game like Sudoku, or unwind with the help of a meditation app. There are also apps to help you learn new skills – like cooking, or even a second language. 

Not sure where to get started? Digital Trends has recommendations for the Top 100 iPhone Apps, as well as the Top 100 Android Apps.

Take a (Virtual) Trip 

Visiting the world’s most famous museums, art galleries, zoos, and theaters is only a mouse-click away. If you have access to a computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can now visit from the comfort of your home. 

USA Today recently curated a list of organizations offering virtual tours, which include:  

 Senior woman reads book at home during COVID-19 quarantine

Get Lost in a Good Book

Tablets like iPads, Nooks, and Kindles allow you to carry your library with you – even if it’s from the kitchen to the living room. 

A simple user account or a valid library card can give you access to apps like Libby, OverDrive, or Audible, which let you listen to your favorite books – perfect for when you need to have your hands free. Whether you step through the wardrobe into Narnia or choose to board the train to Hogwarts at Platform 9 ¾, escaping between the pages of a book is one of life’s great pleasures. 

If you are searching for a new read, Town and Country Magazine has 17 recommendations for can’t-miss fiction.  

Finish That To-Do List

We all have projects that get pushed to the side when life gets busy. Now is the perfect time to work on that photo album you started, finish a knitting project, or write down your life story. 

Finishing a project you’ve been working on for weeks, months, or even years can give you a sense of accomplishment and spur you to new creative pursuits. 

Don’t have a favorite hobby, or looking to rediscover one? The New York Times’ guide to finding a hobby can give you some ideas to get started. 

More Fun and Healthy Activity Ideas

From indoor exercises to ideas for connecting from afar, our blog is full of tips for living your best life. Explore all our articles on the blog here.

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