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    The Importance of Staying Hydrated for Seniors

    Dehydration is a serious medical condition that happens when an individual loses more fluid than is taken in. The resulting deficit can negatively...
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    Intergenerational Activities: Fun Ways to Connect With Grandchildren

    In today’s society, families are often separated by long distances. Children move away from home to pursue career opportunities and ultimately raise...
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    Going Teal in Support of Alzheimer's Awareness

    From abstract art classes to a special dancing program conducted by representatives from the Alzheimer's Foundation of America, The Bristal Assisted...
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    Benefits of Staying Socially Active + 5 Ideas to Build Relationships

    As we age, friendships may become more difficult to maintain. Even so, a strong social network is essential for good physical, mental, and emotional...
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    Spooktacular Celebration in Lake Grove

    The Bristal at Lake Grove knows how to celebrate Halloween! Residents and staff members donned costumes for the annual Halloween Bash that included...
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    Halloween Celebration in Jericho

    Posted by Jericho


    Residents at The Bristal at Jericho took a haunted (but scenic) ride through some of the local neighborhoods the night before Halloween.  There were...
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