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    A Roaring Good Time in East Northport!

    Residents and staff at The Bristal at East Northport donned their flapper dresses and fedoras to celebrate 20 years in the creative arts with a...
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    Celebrating 20 Years of Creativity at West Bablyon

    Watercolors, acrylics, ink, and yarn were just a few of the mediums The Bristal at West Babylon included in their anniversary event -- "120 Weeks." A...
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    Kneading Some Creativity in North Hills

    To celebrate 20 Years of Creative Arts, The Bristal at North Hills participated in “Loaves of Love - The Art of Challah Baking- Let’s bake together!”...
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    And the Woodcliff Lake Award Goes To...

    In honor of the 92nd Academy Awards, the residents and staff at The Bristal at Woodcliff Lake hosted their own version of the Oscars -- The Bristys!...
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    Mystery, Suspense and the Creative Arts in Jericho

    For their anniversary event, The Bristal at Jericho delved into the mind of master storyteller Alfred Hitchcock! Professor Brian Rose from Fordham...
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    Celebrating the Chinese New Year in Jericho

    Posted by Jericho


    Residents from The Bristal at Jericho enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch, as well as a special presentation from a local Asian studies professor as...
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