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    Low Energy and Alzheimer’s: Overcoming Dementia Fatigue

    Dementia fatigue is a term used to describe the decreased energy level that is fairly common in early Alzheimer’s. While people commonly associate...
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    How to Take Care of Your Senses

    As we age, our senses become less sharp and affect how we interpret our surroundings. The loss of our senses can cause frustration, lack of...
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    Why Exercise Really Is Worth It - And How to Get Started

    Do you dislike the idea of exercising - even though you know it’s good for you? You’re not alone. Research shows that genetics can even have an...
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    Testimonial Video from Rose

    “I moved in on December 20th. I was born on Long Island. Originally I was from Syosset. I lived in Florida for 21 years, and had a little problem...
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    Testimonial Video from Marge

    “Syosset for most of my adult life. Raised my children there, and spent winters in Marco Island. I love the art class, I love the people I met here....
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    Testimonial Video from Madge

    “My name is Madge, and I was born in Manhattan, lived in Yorkville, married, then lived in Long Island in Syosset. Raised my children there, all...
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