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Apps to Help Make Caregiving Easier

Today’s caregivers are required to wear numerous hats – scheduling secretary…nurse…activities coordinator…chauffeur…chef. Providing care for a loved one while managing a career and meeting the needs of your children and spouse often seems like a herculean task.

Time-crunched caregivers are relying more on mobile apps to help fill the gaps – especially when friends and other family members are unavailable to help. From organizing schedules to monitoring medications – discover which apps can help make caregiving just a bit easier.

The following app suggestions are meant for informational purposes and inclusion in the article doesn’t indicate endorsement.

Communication Apps

Caring Village

Designed specifically for families providing care for an older loved one, Caring Village is an online dashboard and mobile app. Caregivers create a village via the website and use the mobile app to access information while on-the-go. Features include personalized to-do lists, customizable care plans, document storage, medication lists, secure messaging and more. Family members can share tasks, coordinate schedules, and ask questions from one interface.

Lotsa Helping Hands

Lotsa Helping Hands takes the old-fashioned concept of meal trains and brings it into the 21st century. Caregivers begin by creating a community for their loved one, and then inviting friends and other family members to join. In addition to helping you coordinate meals, arrange transportation and appointments, the app also allows community members to post updates and messages.

Medication Management Apps


For caregivers who are responsible for managing their loved one’s medications, Medisafe can be a valuable addition to their digital toolkit. While Medisafe does provide reminders, it also alerts caregivers when a dose has been missed, or when refills are needed. If your loved one is taking multiple medications, Medisafe also includes over 30,000 severe drug-interaction warnings – providing additional peace of mind. The app also allows caregivers to export and share progress reports with their loved one’s doctors.


More than just a medication reminder app, MyTherapy also tracks other key health metrics like mood, weight, blood pressure, glucose, and more. In addition to medication reminders, MyTherapy will also alert you when it is time to refill your medications. Notifications can also be set to alert families if a dose is missed.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Apps

Alzheimer’s Association Science Hub

Research in the field of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is rapidly evolving, making it difficult for caregivers to keep track of new therapies. Developed by the Alzheimer’s Association, the Science Hub delivers latest news and information about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Content includes emerging research, breaking news, expert commentary, and more.


Developed in association with Alzheimer Scotland, CogniCare is a resource-rich app designed for caregivers. Browse the extensive library for tips and advice on dealing with challenging behaviors like sundowning, agitation, and wandering. Other features include tracking upcoming appointments, medication reminders, and the ability to record symptoms and behaviors. There is also a self-care section for caregivers with suggestions, as well as helpful resources.

Self-Care Apps


A solid self-care routine is essential for caregivers. Exercise, socializing with friends, and prioritizing sleep are great additions to your self-care strategy. Meditation has also been shown to be beneficial in lowering stress, and coping with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Headspace is just one of the many meditation apps you can download to your smartphone. Users can select a guided meditation based on a particular topic, listen to a story to help you drift off to sleep, or take a quick exercise class.

BetterHelp Counseling

While rewarding, caregiving can take a toll physically, mentally, and emotionally. Working with a licensed therapist can be very helpful for caregivers who are stressed and may be struggling. Finding the time to squeeze in a therapy session is difficult for most, but even more so for busy caregivers. BetterHelp Counseling in an online platform that provides users with private counseling either at home or while on-the-go. Sessions can be conducted either by phone, text, or video, and members can also chat with their therapists in between sessions.

Additional Caregiver Resources

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