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Why Assisted Living is a Great Choice for Seniors

Today’s seniors often live longer than members of previous generations did, but health challenges — both physical and cognitive — in the senior years can make it difficult or impossible to go on living independently at home. For seniors, the most basic daily chores; dressing, bathing, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, vacuuming, and so on; require more effort. While many elderly people want to remain in the old family house or apartment — with all its comforts and memories — the inability to keep it up can become an overwhelming burden.

Assisted living communities provide a great option for people who are ready to be relieved of some responsibilities of daily life, but are healthy enough not to require professional nursing care. For many choosing this option, the result can be renewed pleasure and participation in life.

Assisted living communities provide services and a social life that can make daily life easier, more comfortable, and livelier. At an assisted living community, each resident is provided with his or her own room and bathroom. All the burdensome housekeeping tasks, such as cleaning and laundry, are done by the staff. Meals are served in a pleasant communal dining room, promoting socialization, and snacks and drinks are available around the clock. This means there’s no need to shop, cook, serve, or clean up; just show up and enjoy each meal.

Aides are there to administer medications and help or supervise, as needed, with such everyday tasks as bathing, dressing, and grooming. Many assisted living communities provide the services of barbers, hairdressers, and manicurists on site. Each day, different group activities are offered, including exercise sessions, holiday celebrations and outings for shopping and entertainment. Residents are also free to go out on their own and to receive visits from family and friends whenever they would like.

Assisted living apartments provide privacy and preserve independence; each resident can furnish and decorate their individual apartment to suit their own unique personality. Cable TV, phones and wireless internet are available in each apartment. When the resident leaves his or her apartment, the community is there to provide potential friendships, company at meals and engaging social activities. These activities are not mandatory; residents can choose which to participate in, based on their interests.

An assisted living arrangement typically is more financially manageable than the old house or apartment ever was, because all meals, utilities, transportation, housekeeping and personal assistance needed each day is included in the monthly fee. With so much taken care of, residents can once again live life to the fullest, enjoying dignity, companionship, and the exercise of personal freedom to make the most of each day, knowing any help they might need is already there.

This blog was originally published on July 11, 2017 and updated in 2023.


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