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Blacklight Bingo Night in Mount Sinai

Residents at The Bristal at Mount Sinai enjoy a full calendar, including social activities, cultural programs, and live entertainment. They especially look forward to fun and unique opportunities among friends, like blacklight bingo!


Blacklight Bingo — Fun for Residents and Team Members

The Bristal at Mount Sinai residents had a groovy time playing blacklight bingo. The activity was a perfect fit for the disco-themed day. Residents and team members wore neon hats, tie-dye shirts, and vibrant colors. 

Once the blacklights were turned on, residents used special glow-in-the-dark bingo daubers to help them keep track of their wins. Everyone was truly glowing!

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What Is Blacklight Bingo?

Blacklight bingo is a new way to play a traditional game. Turn down the lights and add fluorescent streamers, clothes, hats, cards, and daubers to the mix. Set up blacklights in the room to create a glowing effect.

You can follow the same rules as regular bingo but play in the dark instead. The blacklight ambiance adds excitement to the activity and the challenge of playing in a glowing room. 

What Are the Benefits of Playing Bingo?

Bingo is an ideal way to engage with others, improve your brain health, and boost your mood. 

  • Socialization - Older adults who experience loneliness and social isolation can be at an increased risk of depression and other mental health conditions. Bingo is an activity that encourages socialization among peers and team members.
  • Learning - Lifelong learning is linked to better brain health as we age. Bingo can challenge your memory as you recall letters and numbers. Bingo played in different ways, like blacklight bingo, can also strengthen cognitive skills as you learn strategy and a new set of rules.
  • Positive Mood - Winning prizes and being around others with common interests is fun and can evoke feelings of happiness, boosting energy and creating joyful moments. 

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This blog was originally published in July 2021. It was updated in November 2023.


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