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Bracelets by Mona: Resident Spotlight

Mona is a resident at The Bristal and has lived here for over 3 years. When Mona moved to The Bristal, she had many crafting hobbies, so she found herself spending a lot of time in the arts and crafts studio. She loves participating in the art activities, but she also loves working in there on her own. “I’m there very often, like it’s my own office,” said Mona.


One day while working alone in the studio, Mona found the materials to make bead bracelets. After she made her first bracelet, she fell in love with the craft and the Bracelets by Mona empire began. Now, Mona makes bracelets for everyone at The Bristal. She usually wears about 5-10 bracelets at a time to match her outfits or the season.

“When you walk around the halls, you can always spot someone wearing a Bracelet by Mona,” said Amanda Schultz, the Director of Recreation at The Bristal. Amanda says Mona is a bright light at The Bristal, she is friendly with everyone and always positive.

Amanda and Mona have started working together to sell Bracelets by Mona in the community. All the proceeds are donated to the Alzheimer’s Foundation. “I think it warms her heart and brings her joy, and she needs to have that purpose,” said Amanda.

Mona is also a part of the welcome crew here at The Bristal. She meets with potential residents for lunch to answer questions they might have about The Bristal. When someone moves in, Mona is always there to greet them with a handmade bracelet. Mona said, “I have been told my greeting them with a bracelet just relaxes them right away and they were happy.”

At The Bristal Assisted Living, we provide ample opportunities for residents to master a skill, seek more knowledge, or learn a new hobby. Find more stories about Life at The Bristal on our website.


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