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Family Member Testimonial from The Bristal at White Plains

The following letter was sent to Rena Hyman, Executive Director of The Bristal at White Plains (personal information has been redacted):





I am writing this in praise of an employee on your staff: Maricella (Med Tech)

She consistently exceeds the responsibilities of her position with unflagging enthusiasm and energy!

She is perceptive and sensitive to the needs of both residents and their families and has a great rapport with all.

She handles herself with ease and extreme capability of the task at hand.

I have often observed her exceptional and keen ability to recognize and grasp the needs of her residents way ahead of actually being directly told the issue… and quickly and efficiently get the task done – and all with a smile!

Her performance and dedication can best be described as “distinguished.” She brings a natural flair to her position and a positive impact on all she relates with.

The Bristal, the residents, and their families are truly enriched by having Maricella on staff!


Felice (Significant other of resident Herb)


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