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Family Member Testimonial from The Bristal at Massapequa

The following letter was sent to Jennifer Amarante, Executive Director of The Bristal at Massapequa (personal information has been redacted):





To whom it may concern:

I needed to write and express my appreciation for some of your wonderful staff I have met, many who have been so good to my mother, Julia, but I really want to highlight three people. 

Nova and Marlene are both amazingly patient and efficient. They both care about the residents and have been so wonderful helping care for my mom. I live in Texas and can only be there for occasional visits. I cannot adequately express my appreciation. They quietly manage so many things, I don't know how they keep their heads about them! 

Another person who has been outstanding is Carolyn in the activity department. She is always kind and enthusiastic and does such a good job, she too is a God send. 

I know there are others who deserve mention. Please forgive me for not naming them but after Nova helped me and mom today on the phone, I had to express my gratitude.

May God richly bless these who have golden hearts!


Teresa (Terry) Brown


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