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Posted by The Bristal  |  September 9, 2021

Fun Ideas to Celebrate Grandparents Day

Many cultures, including the United States, set aside a day annually to recognize grandparents. Established in 1978, Grandparents Day in the United States was founded to honor grandparents and to give them a chance to show their love to their grandchildren. Grandparents Day also provides an opportunity to educate children about the strength and guidance their elders can provide.

Whether you are gathering in-person or virtually, we have curated some fun activities and meaningful gift ideas to help you connect with your family and celebrate Grandparents Day.

Ideas to Celebrate Grandparents Day

Spending time with their grandchildren is at the top of most grandparents’ list. Try to select an activity that everyone will enjoy, and be sure to keep in mind any limitations that children or older loved ones might have.

Get Baking!

The best thing about baking together is enjoying the results afterwards! Grab your mixing bowls and invite grandma or grandpa over for a fun-filled afternoon with the grandkids. While it might be tempting to make something elaborate, try to keep age, attention span, and skill level in mind when deciding what to create. Recipes that are long or complicated might cause unnecessary frustration. There are plenty of beginner level recipes you can choose from, like these sweet and savory dishes from Taste of Home.

Give a Kiss

A kiss flip book is a fun activity for younger grandchildren that makes a sweet gift for the grandparent in your life. While it might sound complicated, this activity from Parents magazine is actually quite simple! Have your child stand in front of a blank, light-colored wall. Take a photo of them blowing a kiss – side profile, hand near their mouth, and lips pursed. Print several copies of the photo. To create the kisses, have your child draw one tiny heart on the first photo, two on the second photo, etc. until the end. To ensure the kisses last, use a permanent red marker. To assemble, punch holes on one side, and use string or pipe cleaners to bind the book together.

Schedule an Interview

This is a fun activity that can be stretched out over several months and can be done either in-person or virtually. Work with your child to compose a list of questions he or she can ask their grandparent. There are plenty of topics to choose from – what life was like as a child, best gifts they have received, and holiday memories. Simple questions, like asking what the grandparent’s favorites are (activities, foods, songs, etc.) may be easier and a good place for younger children to start. HuffPost has gleaned some great questions from their readers that may be more appropriate for older grandchildren.

Create a Custom Playlist

Ideal for music-lovers, this can be an activity for the entire family. Spotify is a popular music streaming service allows you to create custom playlists. You can build the list based on your older loved one’s favorite artists, or songs that are important to your family. Add a special touch by creating a custom playlist cover. Once the list is created, you can share the link with everyone in the family.

Trace Your Family Tree

Another activity that can be done either in person or virtually, tracing your family’s ancestry can be meaningful for all involved. and have made it easier than ever to sort through thousands of historical documents and pictures to create a family tree. In addition to online resources, check with family members to see if there are diaries, photos, or other documents that may be helpful.

Design a Photo Book

No doubt your smartphone is filled with pictures of your children with their grandparents. Online sites like Mixbook and Shutterfly make it easy to create beautiful custom albums using the photos from your phone or social media accounts. Most photo book sites offer a variety of templates to build your book, as well as plenty of cover and paper options to choose from.

 More Resources for Grandparents

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