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Kneading Some Creativity in North Hills

To celebrate 20 Years of Creative Arts, The Bristal at North Hills participated in “Loaves of Love - The Art of Challah Baking- Let’s bake together!” with Rabbi Yaakov Reiter and family, from Chabad of Roslyn. Rabbi Yaakov discussed the history of Challah, including how it is created, and why it is separated and given on Shabbat. Traditionally, two loaves of Challah are distributed on Shabbat, so not only did the residents make their own Challah, but they received homemade Challah from the Chabad of Roslyn.

Residents rolled out the pre-proofed dough, braided the three strands, egg washed the dough, and then sprinkled their choice of topping on top (cinnamon, poppy seed, or za’atar spice). Rabbi Yaakov took the loaves home to bake them, and brought the finished loaves back in time for Shabbat service. Learning about the history of Challah bread, and how to make it, was a unique twist on celebrating the creative arts!


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