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Posted by West Babylon  |  August 20, 2018

Testimonial Video from Irene Seidner

"My name is Irene Seidner. I live here at The Bristal in West Babylon. My children, thank God, found this place, convinced me to come here. First I didn't want to. I wanted to stay at home. But once I saw it, once I realized it's for me, I came here, am very, very happy. Met wonderful, wonderful, wonderful friends. You know at this age our friends kind of fade away, but I got wonderful new friends.

I brought over a game called Kings in the Corner. I taught it to everyone here and we play it after breakfast for an hour and after lunch for an hour. I partake in everything. My friends and I go to everything. I go down in the morning at 7:30. I don't come up to my room until six o'clock. I am down all day doing everything they have to offer us.

The staff - the staff is wonderful! I have never asked anything of anyone that I got a 'no.' The food is A1 and everyone is just very nice. We're free to go wherever we want. The buses take us, they take us shopping and you can request if you want to go someplace, and maybe they get a group together. Oh and then we go for scenic rides which is very nice.

We feel like one big, big family. Life is good to me. And like I said this place, I thank God every day.

It means a new life, it means new friends, a whole new outlook."