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Posted by The Bristal  |  August 5, 2018

Testimonial Video from Mario Caputo

"I am Mario Caputo and I live here at The Bristal. Living here is very exciting and they treat you very good, and if you do need anything in a hurry they make sure they get to it.

My daughter comes practically every day and visits me because she's only a few miles away. And we enjoy it here. There are no complaints, really. Of course, the hospitality is very good. It's like a casino down in Atlantic City. I go down to the arts and crafts and I did a few things down there, which I forward to my grandson and granddaughter, and my daughter, what I made.

It's enjoyable. And matter in fact, it still in enjoyable. The place is very clean, very clean, I gotta admit that. They keep the room very good, they come up once a week, change the sheets, and clean...better than I used to clean! But they are good, they're very good.

The Bristal means freedom to me."