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The Bristal Brings "Peace of Mind for All of Us." | Family Testimonial

The decision to transition a loved one to an assisted living community can be difficult. In this interview, hear from Barbara about her experience choosing The Bristal Assisted Living for her mother-in-law, Iylene. Iylene's experience at The Bristal sheds light on the positive impacts such a move can have on the senior’s quality of life and their families.

Before moving to The Bristal, Iylene struggled with living alone and having an aid. “My mother-in-law was bored, the most exciting part of her day would be going to the store,” said Barbara. Barbara learned that The Bristal offered a 30-day trial period and together they decided Eileen would give it a try.

After the trail period was over, Iylene said she wanted to stay. “I felt like I was back in life again,” said Iylene. Barbara and her husband were thrilled.

Now, Iylene is an active member of The Bristal community. Barbara was elated when she saw her mother-in-law’s newfound sociability. Iylene has blossomed into a social butterfly, she regularly attends events, art classes, and forming new friendships. “There are just so many things that will expand her world here,” said Barbara.

Barbara loves the fact that Iylene has retained her independence and pride while no longer having to worry about daily chores that had become increasingly difficult for her, like cooking and laundry. “And that to me is the greatest gift that you can give someone at this age, their independence,” said Barbara.

While The Bristal has improved Iylene’s quality of life, it is also improving Barbara and her husband’s lives. “It's a huge relief. It really is. Just knowing that she's in a safe environment with people that are constantly checking in on her is just peace of mind for all of us,” said Barbara.

Prior to moving into The Bristal, Iylene always answered her phone right away. Now, Iylene is so social that Barbara and the family sometimes have difficulty contacting her. Barbara added, “that should say it all.”


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