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The Bristal Spotlight: Rosalyn and The Chorus

Rosalyn “Roz”, resident of The Bristal at North Woodmere, has been performing all her life. She grew up in a musical family, she sang in singing groups, and she even did some acting in her younger years. Roz said, “I love music, I love to sing!” While you might expect someone who is boisterous and loud, Roz is surprisingly quiet and likes to keep to herself most of the time.

Roz has been a member of the chorus since she moved to The Bristal almost 5 years ago. The chorus performs a showcase twice a year and they sing songs Roz has written. All the songs are set to the tune of music the audience will recognize and Roz changes the words to make them personal. The songs have a range of topics including: The Bristal, aging, and even ice cream. Some solos are performed, like Roz’s solo titled “Second Hand Roz,” which is a spin on “Second Hand Rose.”

About 2 years ago, and much to her surprise, Roz became the chorus lead. She admitted she was hesitant at first, but the position needed to be filled to keep the group together. This isn’t the first time Roz has led shows. Back when she was a speech pathologist in a school, she would write music and put on performances with her students. “I don’t know, I just became a writer!”

Throughout her life, Roz has always been performing. Even when she tries to keep to herself, she can’t, the music is too important to her. “I have this thing in me that needs music,” Roz explained. She is grateful the chorus gives her the opportunity to continue her passion.

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