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Posted by The Bristal  |  September 16, 2021

What is Assisted Living? Part 3

This blog is the third in a series examining what assisted living has to offer to seniors and their families.

Lifestyle at The Bristal

Living at The Bristal is similar to staying at an inclusive luxury hotel. In addition to upscale amenities and services, residents have access to endless recreation and social activities. Residents are free to participate in group programs and activities, visit with family or friends, or pursue their own hobbies. Knowing that support is available when needed allows residents to live their lives to the fullest extent possible, which includes recreation and volunteer opportunities.


Limited transportation, mobility issues, and illness are just a few of the reasons older adults are at an increased risk for loneliness and isolation. In addition to personal care assistance, assisted living communities also provide an endless variety of activities that are designed to help residents remain active and engaged.

While bingo is popular with residents, recreation at The Bristal is so much more! Each month, the Director of Recreation plans a robust calendar packed with activities, events, and excursions. There are exercise classes to help residents stay fit and flexible, while lively trivia and discussion groups help keep minds sharp. Art and writing sessions in the Creative Arts Studio provide residents with the chance to unleash their imagination.

There are plenty of special programs and community outings available throughout the month too. From guest lecture series on a variety of topics to visits to local art and cultural institutions – each month offers something new for residents to experience.


Assisted living communities are popular because they allow seniors to age in place while helping them maintain their independence. Residents at The Bristal have the freedom to choose how they spend their time. They can participate in activities or decide to relax in their apartments – whatever brings them joy and fulfillment.

It’s not uncommon for new residents to rediscover a long-forgotten hobby or to discover a completely new one. Members of the recreation team help facilitate this process by getting to know each resident and introducing them to like-minded individuals within the community. They are also quick to recommend activities or programs based on a resident’s interests, in addition to encouraging them to take the lead in creating their own groups – like knitting or book clubs.


Giving back to the community is an important part of many people’s lives, including seniors. In fact, older adults are uniquely positioned to volunteer as they have the time and experience that many organizations need.

Residents at The Bristal are empowered to share their time and talents within the community –individually or as part of a larger volunteer group called The Bristal Helping Hands. Members of The Bristal Helping Hands knit, bake, craft, and shop for local organizations on a regular basis. Residents have put their sewing and knitting skills to use to create caps for newborns and chemotherapy patients, as well as quilted pillows and blankets for hospitals and animal shelters. During the Easter and Christmas holidays, members shopped for gifts and practical items for those in need, while other members have made and sold handcrafted items with the proceeds donated for Alzheimer’s research. Whether you choose to donate your time or other resources, the possibilities to volunteer are endless.

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