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Posted by The Bristal  |  November 27, 2019

5 Fun Ideas for Your Next Assisted Living Visit

Helping a loved one transition to assisted living can be difficult; however, scheduling regular visits can help to ease the strain you both might be feeling.  

Visits encourage socialization, which can improve your loved one’s health in the long run, while also creating a stronger connection between the two of you.

Searching for fun ideas for your next get together with your loved one? Read on for five fun ideas to try.

1. Play Cards or Games

Word puzzles, poker, board games -- there are plenty of games for everyone to enjoy. Maybe your loved one excels at bridge, or your family has had a weekly Scrabble night for years. Games offer a fun way to relax and a little friendly competition.

Bring your favorite games from home, or borrow one from the assisted living community’s game room, and enjoy a few rounds with your loved one.

2. Get Moving

If your loved one is physically able, incorporating a leisurely walk into your visit will benefit you both. Travel to a nearby park, or take a stroll around the block.

Physical activity has many benefits, such as strengthening your bones, improving your sleep, and helping you manage your weight. Plus, it offers the opportunity for one-on-one conversations with your loved one where you can check in on how they’re doing.

If you visit on a day when the weather isn’t the best, walking indoors around your loved one’s community is a great alternative. 

These 5 Techniques Can Make the Transition to Assisted Living Easier

3. Bring Children to Visit

In addition to building relationships with grandchildren and great-grandchildren, studies have suggested that both the young and the old benefit from intergenerational visits.

Some intergenerational activities could include reading a story together, assembling a scrapbook, or sharing family pictures.

4. Get Creative

The creative arts offer the perfect opportunity to connect with your loved one. Knitting, photography, painting – the possibilities are endless. Bring their favorite supplies with you on your next visit, and join in.  

If you’re visiting during the holidays, you can make homemade gifts or decorations, such as a holiday garland or ornaments.

You can always check the activities calendar at your loved one’s assisted living community if you want to join a group, or try something new.

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5. Have a TV Night

If your loved one has a favorite show they hate to miss, make a plan to join them. Bring some snacks and sit down together to catch up on the latest episode. 

If you have more time available, log into Netflix or Hulu and binge-watch a few episodes. Another alternative could be to bring your loved one’s favorite movie and popcorn with you and enjoy the show at the same time.

Making the Assisted Living Transition Easier for Residents and Families

Making the transition to assisted living can be difficult for both you and your loved one. At The Bristal Assisted Living, we aim to make it as easy as possible for our residents and their families.

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