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Posted by The Bristal  |  September 10, 2020

5 Helpful Podcasts Caregivers Can Listen To

As a caregiver, it is not only important to stay connected with people around you, but to find ways to make your life easier. 

Podcasts offer a creative way to meet both of those needs. You can listen to them as you go about your day - driving, doing chores, or taking a walk - and feel a part of a larger community, while receiving useful information and tips. 

We’ve collected five podcasts that can help you better care for yourself, as well as your loved one.

Fading Memories

A Supportive Podcast for Those Dealing with a Loved One with Memory Loss

Hosted by Jennifer Fink, whose mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, Fading Memories was created to provide caregivers the answers and resources she struggled to find. 

New episodes drop weekly with topics ranging from balancing caregiving and employment to strategies for keeping your brain sharp. She frequently interviews experts in the field, as well as caregivers providing listeners with a plethora of information.

Learn more about this podcast and see where to listen.

Happy Healthy Caregiver

A Podcast With Tips For Caring For Yourself, Too

Caring for a loved one while still working, raising a family, or attending to other responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming. In this podcast, host Elizabeth Miller shares suggestions on keeping yourself balanced and healthy. 

Dozens of episodes cover practical topics such as caregiver guilt, keeping a journal, handling holidays, keeping kids involved, and more. You’ll also hear stories from current or former caregivers on ways they kept themselves healthy while caregiving.

Learn more about this podcast and see where to listen.

All Things Senior

An Educational Podcast Featuring Experts

This Canadian-based podcast seeks to deliver educational content to caregivers in an easy-to-consume format. Hosted by caregiver Rafiq Punjani, this weekly podcast features experts from around the world, offering listeners a unique perspective on aging and caregiving. 

Topics include:

  • Using a Positive Approach to Dementia Care 
  • The Power of Music in Dementia Care
  • Aging and Memory Loss
  • Fall Prevention in Senior Years
  • Parkinson’s: Living Your Best

Learn more about this podcast and see where to listen.

Caregiver Dave

A Podcast to Help Caregivers Avoid Burnout

Radio talk show host and caregiver Dave Nassaney touts himself as the “Caregiver’s Caregiver.” The podcast features broadcasts from his popular radio show, Caregiver Dave, where he interviews experts, as well as fellow caregivers, on how to provide the best care to loved ones and avoid burnout. 

Topics covered include senior-related issues, as well as providing care to family members who are chronically ill or disabled.

Learn more about this podcast and see where to listen.

People With Parents

A Podcast With Humor and Heart

Comedian Leighann Lord takes a heartfelt, sometimes humorous look at the role reversal that comes with caring for aging parents. According to the podcast’s website, Lord says, “My parents were fine until one day they weren’t … And now suddenly, they need me. A lot. I was not prepared.” If you feel like your entrance into caregiving was similarly abrupt, you can probably relate.

Whether you’re feeling alone in your caregiving journey or just need a quick pick-me-up, People With Parents is an easy way to take a break. The short episodes in this newer podcast are bite-sized chances to hear other caregiver stories and feel connected. 

Learn more and listen to episodes here.

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