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The Adventurous Eaters Club: The Bristal Spotlight

During a monthly Food Committee meeting with team members and residents from The Bristal at Mount Sinai, one resident had a suggestion — he wanted more adventurous options on the menu. 

Corinne Ramos, the Director of Food Service at The Bristal at Mount Sinai, loved the idea but knew it would be difficult to find food that everyone would be excited to try. Then, Corinne came up with an idea.

The Adventurous Eaters Club: How It All Began

Once a month, Corinne would create an authentic meal from a different country and serve it in the Bistro Grille for lunch. All residents would be welcome to join, or if not, they could eat a regular meal in the dining room. From that, The Adventurous Eaters Club was created.

Watch the video below to learn more about the beginnings of The Adventurous Eaters Club and why Corinne loves collaborating and connecting with The Bristal residents.

Forming Connections Through International Cuisine

Each month, residents suggest a country or region they would like to try food from. Then, Corinne hits the books and learns as much as possible about the food from that area. 

“I spend all month planning the next one,” said Corrine. 

Corrine said she is an avid reader, so she enjoys reading up on the countries that are chosen.


So far, residents have “traveled” to Spain, France, Norway, Japan, and more. While residents enjoy the new cuisine, they share memories that the food brings back. 

Many residents are well-traveled, so they speak about their previous adventures and travels across the world. 

Sometimes, residents or team members are from the selected country, and they share memories about growing up and cooking with their families. It is always a wonderful afternoon filled with smiles, stories, and reflection. 

“Food brings people together,” said Corinne.

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Sparking Creativity and Collaboration With Residents

At first, Corinne wasn’t sure how easy it would be to get a program like this up and running, but the team members at The Bristal were extremely supportive and encouraging. 

“I’ve never gotten the support anywhere I’ve worked like I’ve gotten it here,” said Corinne. “It gives me the freedom to really get creative and showcase my talents.”

The residents also really enjoy this event. According to Corinne, some even keep the menus afterward to show their families the new and exciting foods they have tried. 

Corinne loves the fact that this event has brought them all closer together and has allowed for more collaboration between her and the residents. 

“I always say, if you can cook, you can make friends,” said Corinne.

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